19 5 / 2014

This video may be consider a blooper reel but I’m not sure. it says highlights. 

Paintball highlight of the first day of the 2014 Millennium Series European Paintball Masters being held in Bitburg, Germany.

10 5 / 2014

GI Sportz posted a decent video of their sponsored teams competing in Millennium Series event 1 in Southern France. Not a bad video. Some solid slo-mo shots. Enjoy! 

05 5 / 2014

These videos were published a little under a month ago just before I started posting again.

In any case I always like to showcase what’s going on “across the pond” regarding  paintball. Sometimes here in the U.S of A we forget about the competition that’s just over in Europe. It’s very interesting to me to observe their styles of play, field layouts, etc. I recommend you check out the first video, if you like it parts 2 & 3 linked below. 

Part 2 and Part 3

30 4 / 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this 2014 PSP season, the league dropped the Rate of Fire (ROF) for the professionals to 10.2 bps Balls Per Second) everyone else is still shooting 12.5 bps.

So I’m wondering for those reading, what ROF are you shooting? 12.5? 10.2? Something else? Post your thoughts. 

29 4 / 2014

This is part 3 of the official 2014 PSP Dallas Open Social Paintball highlight videos! The event was held at Cousin Paintball in Forney, TX.

Check out Parts 1 & Part 2 

29 4 / 2014

So it’s been a long while since I’ve been on Tumblr and the “For the Love of Paintball”. Last I posted was the 1st of 2014. I left the Army got me one of those corporate jobs. And well it didn’t work out so I’m on to a new adventure.

This time I’m headed to Reno, Nevada for a new job. But what you care about most X errr…me is going to give it to you. Expect to see more paintball stuff on here once again. 

I’m in the process of getting back in the game. I have to get my gear shipped to me. Long story. But it’s on like Donkey Kong. Stay tuned Tumblrs. 

01 1 / 2014


It’s been a while. Sorry I have been very busy leaving the Army and pursuing a career outside the Army. Needless to say I haven’t been following paintball much in 2013.

Also, I moved across the county. Now residing in Washington state. I’m not sure what’s next for this tumblr page, but I’ll try to keep you update on it’s coming and goings. 

06 6 / 2013


09 5 / 2013

Thanks to our friends over at United Paintball for the awesome MAO video. Warning, vid opens with a naughty word

25 3 / 2013

DerDer Dalls

24 3 / 2013

Guys & Gals this passed weekend I completed a Spartan Race and completed the Trifecta But more importatnly I walked away with coupon codes for every race (SprintSuper & Beast) to share.

All I ask is you use my unique sign up link so I the Spartan Race HQ can track who I’ve helped sign up.

So without further delay here’s the codes:

  • Spartan Sprint: SPRINT15 or NC15 specifically for 2014 North Carolina Spartan Sprint ($15 Off)
  • Spartan Super: SUPER25 ($25 Off)
  • Spartan Beast: BEAST35 ($35 Off)

These codes are good for Saturday OR Sunday. ANY race location. 2013 OR 2014 Spartan Races.

I hope this helps everyone in saving on race fees and if you can please use this link http://share.spartanrace.com/x/mBr4U for signing up for the race(s) of your choice I’d greatly appreciate it! If you have any questions post them below and I’ll respond ASAP. Enjoy!

19 3 / 2013

The Roster takes you inside the off-season assembly of a professional paintball team, and how that creation performs on the 2012 PSP and NPPL Professional Circuits.
Beginning with tryouts/camp in January, X-Factor looks at a field of more than 30 players to fill just 5 spots-4 on the development squad and one on the pro team.

EPISODE 2 Synopsis:

The field of 40 players has been reduced to only 15 as Day 2 begins, including the four players with pro experience. But three are on shaky ground.

After a brutal snap-shooting drill and a series of 3-on-3 matches, only 5 players will be invited to the next round!

The Roster is directed by veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli, and narrated by the voice of the game, Matt Marshall.

This episode features the song “Spin Cycle” by Eyedea & Abilities, courtesy of Rhymesayers Entertainment.

19 3 / 2013

Veteran FRENCH Team ‘TonTon’ (Tontons Flingueurs) get ready to step into the 2013 PSP Pro Arena to battle the worlds best teams.

08 3 / 2013

Needless to say but Rand Paul was right on the money. All 13 hours of it.

06 3 / 2013

Everyone knows the pros but what about those who will be pros? This series follows the San Jose Royalty who one day maybe on pro field.

And we’re off! The 2013 PSP season is upon us, with the first event hosted at Cousin’s Paintball in Dallas Texas. Episode one features practices and player commentary from Camp Pendleton [San Diego] and Capital Edge Paintball Park [Sacramento] against the Ironmen, Impact, San Diego Pirates, and Sacramento DMG. Both structured practices were great learning experiences for San Jose Royalty as they continue to prepare for the first PSP event of the year. Please join us in following San Jose Royalty throughout the 2013 PSP season as we cover their practices and events. Stay tuned for another episode of the last two weeks of preparation leading up to Dallas and coverage from the event itself.

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